Escalation 1985
World War 3 on PC

World War 3 Tactical Shooter for PC.

Cold War Turned Hot!

Escalation 1985 is an authentic tactical shooter that asks: What would have happened if the Cold War had erupted into WW3?

Coming to IBM Compatible PC.

Warsaw Pact vs NATO.

What would it have been like had the Cold War gone hot in 1985?

IBM compatible PC only.


Multiplayer Campaign

Grand strategy multiplayer campaign fought over several countries.

Morale System

Defeat the enemy by defeating his morale and team spirit.

Off-Map Support

Call in artillery, airstrikes or even mine fields on the enemy!

Combined Arms Warfare

Tanks, vehicles, artillery, helicopters, infantry, aircraft and missiles launched from submarines!

NBC Warfare

Experience the full intensity of modern army vs army warfare.

Full Blown Tank Simulation

Drive a tank with your friends. One that has full interiors and clickable buttons.

It would be our policy to use nuclear weapons wherever we felt it necessary to protect our forces and achieve our objectives.
— Robert McNamara