Escalation 1985
World War 3 on PC
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Features of Escalation 1985

Cold war gone hot.


Escalation 1985 is a stand alone, authentic, online multiplayer first person shooter. Featuring a wide variety of period authentic weapons and vehicles, large maps, and focusing on teamwork, communication, dynamic and emergent gameplay. Escalation 1985 depicts what it would have been like if the cold war had truly gone hot in 1985.

With the help of the Unreal 4 engine, Escalation 1985 aims for high visual fidelity, using highly detailed and accurate models, and the latest in material, lighting and effects techniques with the aim to bring the player a truly immersive experience.


The game is centered around mechanised infantry and tanks. These vehicles will transport and spawn players on the battlefield.

The players are divided in two 50 players team which are again divided into squads lead by Squad Leaders. Tanks are organised into platoons that are led by the Tank Platoon Commanders with each Tank being crewed by a tank commander, driver and gunner.


Major Features

  • Grand Multiplayer Campaign
  • Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare
  • Simulator grade tank combat
  • Large maps up to 64 kilometers squared
  • 100 player dedicated servers with squads with up to 9 people
  • Dynamic time of day and weather with changing conditions as you play
  • Watch bombers and fighters fill the skies and scores of tanks and APCs break through in a uranium-laden escalation of war to its maximum.

Gameplay Features

  • Play as a variety of roles such as platoon leader, tank commander/gunner/driver, anti-tanker, machine gunner or combat medic
  • Use the weapons of the day, like the M16A1, AK74, Uzi, M60, M47 Dragon and Sagger missile launchers
  • Roam the countryside in classic Cold War vehicles, including the M113, BMP-2, M60 Patton, T-72, Shilka and more
  • Fire realistic weapons with physics based ballistics and damage
  • Talk with teammates via integrated VoIP with 3D positional local speech
  • Call in off-map artillery, cruise missiles, close air support aircraft, recon helicopters and more
  • Experience an innovative and groundbreaking morale system
We start bombing in 5 minutes
— Ronald Reagan

Grand Campaign

The campaign is fought on a large strategic map of Europe which is split into sectors. The players decides which battles fight in the tactical phase. The winners of the tactical battles take control over map sectors. The tactical phase battles are representations of what happens in the entire theatre at a given time, so each battle’s outcome has profound impact on the campaign phase.

User Interface

Escalation 1985 focuses on a minimalist user interface showing the player only the bare minimum of information needed to the player, to keep the you immersed in the experience and to focus on what really matters.

Health System

An innovative new health system will introduce scary consequences for the wounded and those around him. Dismemberment, heart failure, asphyxiation by nerve gas, arterial bleeding, gunshot wounds and more.



Morale System/Psychological health

In addition to incapacitation by physical means, we are introducing incapacitation by psychological means by simulating various effects of combat on the individual soldier.

Both positive and negative aspects of the combat experience will affect the player and his ability to function.

This system is in place to not only give a more human representation of battle but also promote teamplay and unit cohesion.

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Combat

WW3 would most certainly have been fought using using all available weapons to both sides of the conflict, with this in mind Escalation 1985 will feature these terrible weapons of mass destruction along with the effects and consequences that result from their use, in order to really bring home the horror of a Cold War gone hot.

Gaiety is the most outstanding feature of the Soviet Union.
— Joseph Stalin


Planned Factions, NATO

  • British Army of the Rhine
  • Belgian Army
  • Royal Danish Army
  • Royal Dutch Army
  • US Army
  • West German Army (Bundeswehr)

Game Modes

  • Breakthrough seeks to simulate a large Warsaw Pact attack on a NATO frontline weakness with some AI controlled tanks and vehicles that players can spawn into and take over.
  • Cold Steel is a tank-only game mode with no infantry roles.
  • Skirmish is a more casual game mode based on the notion of initial contact between forces.
  • Territory is about capturing and holding key points and dominating the map.

Planned Factions, Warsaw Pact

    • East German Army (NVA)
    • Polish Army
    • Soviet Army
    If you go on with this nuclear arms race, all you are going to do is make the rubble bounce.
    — Winston Churchill