Cold War Reenacting


While our developers are hard at work creating an authentic Cold War first person shooter, a few of them immerse themselves in various fictional and nonfictional recreations of post World War II battles. Operation Magistral 2, hosted by Southern Front Events, was attended by Peter Bell, our lead VFX artist and trailer designer. Operation Magistral was an operation carried out by Soviet Airborne troops against Mujaheddin insurgents from November 19, 1987 to January 1988


Lukas Parham and Peter Bell are both apart of reenactment communities in the United States. Although in different states, they are able to stay involved in the reenactment community through Facebook groups with many more talented and devoted historians.


"Initially, there was silence, marching, and the blistering North Carolina summer heat to get you immersed in a Soviet-Afghan War reenactment. It wasn't until the Mujaheddin fighters come charging at you with semi-automatic and fully automatic blank fire, accompanied with pyrotechnics and screaming that really showed you what it must've been like for those Soviet paratroopers in 1987." - Peter


Peter will be attending another event in early April depicting a "Cold War gone hot" scenario set in Yugoslavia between U.S 82nd Airborne Division and Soviet 345th Independent Guards Airborne Regiment set in 1986. Stereos playing Huey Lewis and the News and Kenny Logins will be present accompanied with full World War 3 1980s combat!