East German Attack Plans for World War 3

Map from 1983 showing what the planned movements of the East German  5. Armee  in World War 3 would be.

Map from 1983 showing what the planned movements of the East German 5. Armee in World War 3 would be.

In the event of World War 3, the 5. Armee was tasked with smashing through the Dutch Sector and then pushing up on the Dutch border by day 6 of the war.

It would stay below Hamburg and above Hannover except for the 19. Mot. Schutzen Division which again was tasked with supporting the Soviet 3rd Shock Army, it would go south near Hannover but the rest of the 5. Armee would stay north of it.

5. Armee contained:

  • 9. Panzerdivision
  • 8. Mot. Schutzen Division
  • 19. Mot. Schutzen Division
  • 20. Mot. Schutzen Division

Now, 5. Armee also had Soviet units with it unlike 3. Armee, they were:

  • 94. Guards Motor Rifle Division
  • 138. independent tank regiment
  • 221. independent tank regiment

5. Armee was only to be a thing if war occurred, it comprised of all the East German units from the Military District V in the north. It would be under Soviet control. 3. Armee would include all units from Military District III to the south. The 3. Armee would be tasked with plowing through the Fulda Gap and taking Frankfurt as a main objective. By day 10 they should have been at the French border if not past it. 17. Mot. Schutzen Division would be tasked with supporting the Soviet 3rd Shock Army in the attack on the British, North of Kassel, but all other NVA forces in 3. Armee would stay below Kassel and above Stuttgart.

3. Armee contained:

  • 4. Mot. Schutzen Division
  • 10. Mot. Schutzen Division
  • 11. Mot. Schutzen Division
  • 7. Panzerdivision


  • 6. Mot. Schutzen Division
  • 17. Mot. Schutzen Division

Now one last important note, if you paid close attention, you would have noticed that one division is missing from 5. Armee that is part of Military District V: 1. Mot Schutzen Division.

The 1. Mot. Schutzen Division was tasked with the job of taking West Berlin with help from the Grenztruppen(Border Guards), MdI(Police), MfS(Stasi), and KdA(Militia). West Berlin was to be divided into 2 Sectors, Sektor I and Sektor II. Taking West Berlin was the 1. Mot. Schutzen Divisions only task. See 2nd map for details of the taking of West Berlin.


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