Work in Progress: Maskinpistol M/49 Hovea

During late 1940s Danish Army began the search for the new, modern submachine gun, and in 1949 selected the Husqvarna submachine gun for adoption as Hovea M/49. Manufacturing license was purchased and production set up at state arsenal in Copenhagen.


The Hovea is similar to the Swedish K, or M/45 Carl Gustav, but the Danes made numerous changes in balancing and ergonomic as well as lowering the fire rate slightly to improve handling. It's known for its ease of use, ruggedness and high precision.

Hovea submachine gun is a simple blowback weapon which fires from open bolt, in full automatic mode only. The safety was made in the form of the L-shaped cut at the rear of the cocking handle slot, which was used to lock the bolt in rearward position.

The Hovea submachine gun was equipped with perforated barrel jacket and a side-folding buttstock, made from thin steel tube.

The sights can be adjusted for 100, 200 and 300 meters range.

The M/49 was phased out in 2001.