Work in Progress: DM51 Grenade

The DM51 is an offensive/defensive hand grenade of German origin. It was developed in the 1970's to replace all grenades in German service with a single type. This is achieved by a removable fragmentation jacket which turns the defensive grenade into an offensive grenade.


The DM51 features a high explosive grenade body with removable fragmentation jacket. By turning the jacket 90 degrees it is easily removed to turn the defensive grenade into an offensive grenade. The grenade body is a cylinder and has the fuze on top. The grenade is armed by pulling the pin. The fragmentation jacket features several ribs for strength and to provide a good grip. Several DM51 can be clustered for greater effect or to create a Bangalore torpedo.

The high explosive grenade body is filled with 60 g Nitropenta and has a lethal radius of a few meters. When fitted with the fragmentation jacket the lethality and lethal range increase vastly.