Reference Hunt and development update.


Hey, guys!

It is about time to declare the winner of MG3 Reference Hunt: one of our most dedicated supporters, provided us with frightening amount of priceless information and references, Forward Observer tier patreon, known as SPITFIRE! He was also our guest on our latest podcast, check it out now. We appreciate your help, dear friend, and we decided to award you with a special and unique gift. We will contact you soon!

We also want to thank other reference hunters, notably Tell Me About Ostrich, and wish you luck in the next round of Reference Hunt... You'll join the challenge, for sure, won't you? The next target is armored personnel carrier M113A1. There will be plenty of them on the fields of Third World war, so we need to get as much references as possible.

To participate, simply share a public, view-only, folder on Google Drive with us containing all of your content submissions.  Then privately message your folder link to @ZiGreen#2186 on our Discord.  You may continue to upload submissions to your folder up until 12:00AM/24:00 CET, September 5th.

And also a little reminder that we don't just gather references, but also let our artists to turn them into beautiful models!


Beside these and many other assets we are currently working on gameplay demonstration build, so you can expect very interesting updates in next few months. Stay in touch!