Join us! Character Animator Wanted (3rdP and 1stP - Knowledgeable in UE).

Hello beautiful people!

For Escalation 1985, we are currently looking for a character animator. However if your skill set lies in other areas (specifically programming), and you want to contribute, feel free to fill in the recruitment form anyway. We are currently working towards another round of play tests, a gameplay trailer (and more!).


  • Create and implement first and third person animations.

  • Make sure animations work inside UE.


Compensation is currently based on revenue share. Your tasks and time spent on them will be tracked through Azure. Once we have secured additional funding (later this year) we will be able to hire developers and artists either on freelance, per task basis, or as employees, from the team first of course. So, feel free to join the team!

You can apply here.

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