Flower City Half - Sponsored by Escalation 1985


For the Flower City Half Marathon, Escalation 1985 sponsored our Penelope, who is on the voice acting team.


Penelope said: "It took me more than 3 hours because I had to stop at every now and then and my calves started cramping so hard it actually made me scream a couple of times, but I finished!"


Asking how it was Penelope said: "Exhausting. It honestly almost quit at 10 miles but considering I have people who believed in me enough to sponsor me I felt I had to finish.  3:15:38 was my finish time. It took me an hour more than it should have, but all that matters is I finished!"

When we mentioned that even though it was tough, she kept chugging on like a steamengine, she said: "I strive to be stronger than my excuses. I am not always successful but I always try."

Words to live by.

We are in awe, and immensely proud of Penelope! For those interested, we also have a Strava group where community members compete in many disciplines, from running to cycling and even bouldering!

Check it out here: https://www.strava.com/clubs/Escalation1985