Report: Escalation 1985 @INDIGOx

Dear community,

We want to share some of our experiences, anecdotes and impressions of our time at INDIGOx.

INDIGOx was an event created by the Dutch Game Garden to give a platform to indie games in the Netherlands.

Present at the event were, Sebastian (known in the Discord as Badger), Peter Bell (Known in the Discord as Peter Bell), Ferry (Known as Fspelbos in the Discord), Johan (Known as Drecks in the Discord) and Käy (Known as KV in the Discord).

Pete and Seb flew in, and Ferry, Johan and Käy already live in the Netherlands, and it was the first time for the guys who attended to meet in real life, which was an awesome experience. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the entire team on-site, but once Escalation 1985 is funded, we would love to organise a get-together for the team.

The first day of the event was for people inside the game industry and press, the second day was open for the general public. We had many positive responses, and as it was the first time we showed actual gameplay outside of the Patreon/crowdfunding backers, so in a way it was like seeing our baby take his first steps which was very moving.

We’re humbled by how well Escalation 1985 was received by industry veterans, journalists and the people who just came to see some new indie games alike.

We will always be thankful for this opportunity, and look back fondly on this event.

Enjoy the slideshow!