Escalation 1985 at Red Divide 3: Operation Swift Vengeance

On the weekend of April 5th-7th, Peter attended Southern Front Events, Red Divide 3: Operation Swift Vengeance. A tactical milsim (military simulation) event set in a Cold War gone hot scenario in 1986 between forces from the Warsaw Pact and NATO. The battle was staged in Yugoslavia after civil unrest caused an early disband into multiple different newly-found countries. The new country of Montenegro was open to foreign intervention by NATO. The factions for NATO consisted of U.S Army Paratroopers, West German Bundeswehr, and British Royal Marines. The Warsaw Pact were comprised of Soviet VDV (Airborne) and East German Mot.-Schützen (Motorized Infantry). The area of operation was complete with towns run with actual civilians, who ran a café, bar, and movie theatre and took up arms once an attack was imminent by NATO. The event was complete with night time parachute flare usage, surprise ambushes, vehicles such as a humvee and mutt, prisoner taking, and action packed firefights between two world powers and their allies. If you would like to learn more about Southern Front Events and their upcoming tacticals, there will be more information on their Facebook page below.   

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