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   On Sunday, June 22, 1942, the troops of Nazi Germany, without declaring war, attacked the western border of the Soviet Union, thereby launching the most bloody military conflict in the history of mankind.

   The enemy was uncompromising and did not mourn anybody. This was not atrocity, because no animal except for a person is capable of such. This cannot be called savagery, because war is the product of our civilization. It was a war of annihilation, which took millions of human lives and deprived the meaning of speaking about any kind of political motivations.

   The principles of humanism and the statehood were monstrously distorted, but only the war showed it with all clarity. Man not for the first time saw how easily he falls into illusions, how easily he puts on the most nightmarish ideas in a bright and attractive wrapper. As slogans for the health of a nation turn into death sentences, and an attempt to return pride to ones fatherland - into a world war.

   The most terrible deceptions we create for ourselves. We must not forget this; otherwise war will once again come to our homes with as a reminder.

   Our team, in turn, wants to remind our fans about the existence of Escalation 1985. Despite the fact that we can still only give the project our free time, we managed to find new talented artists and expand our staff.

   Finally, our workflow allows us to publish updates monthly, and who knows, maybe in a couple of months we'll show you some gameplay :)

So watch out for news, and the peaceful sky over your head!